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Are you an entrepreneur that is confused by your financial statements?  Do you know the health of your business? Do you scramble every January to get information to your accountant?

As a QuickBooks Pro Advisor bookkeeping firm, we can help! We have the expertise and experience to help you understand your balance sheet and profit and loss statement, which then helps you to understand how healthy (or unhealthy) your business is. A bookkeeper helps you keep up to date on your financials and get important tax information to your accountant - ON TIME! 

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Do your business finances create stress for you? You've been so busy making the next sale that you haven't looked at your financials in months. Next thing you know, you're behind on your quarterly taxes, and you missed a big payment to a vendor, now the business relationship is in jeopardy. To make things even worse, you don't know if payroll obligations are going to be met next week.

Maybe you are a do it yourself type? Okay, we can respect that. After all you are an entrepreneur! There will come a time where doing your own bookkeeping will be come a BIG distraction to your actual business. You may spend so much time managing your business' finances that it takes time away from actually doing what you do to make money! 

Don't let your business spiral out of control - simply click the 'Schedule Free Consultation' button below!

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We both know that being an entrepreneur presents a unique set of challenges, but choosing to work with a bookkeeper is one of the first steps to solving the financial challenge. Let's be honest, these never just go away. 

A relationship between your business and The Bald Bookkeeper is so much more than us serving as your bookkeeper. We are a trusted advisor and steward of your business' most precious resource...CASH! Our goal is to help you grow, that ensures everyone is #winning

We'd be honored if you schedule your free consultation by clicking the 'Schedule Free Consultation' button to discover how The Bald Bookkeeper can help you!

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