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Helping clients discover and achieve their financial goals using sound financial principles.

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About Us

In 2015, Matt Lampe, The Bald Bookkeeper founder, and his family returned from wonderful vacation ready to face a regular daily routine again. He discovered the house of cards built by paying for many everyday expenses using credit cards, personal loans, and lines of credit. His wife’s bonus was supposed to help pay for the vacation, but after paying minimum payments on debts, utilities, and the mortgage – the bonus was GONE! There was nothing left...and what’s worse is his wife didn’t even know.

After “talking it though”, which is just a nice way of saying argued, they realized they needed help and fast. Dave Ramsey’s name came up and they decided to try his Baby Step method a try. After listening to Dave’s radio show and following the Baby Steps laid out in his books - Matt and his family paid off approximately $89,000 in 9 months and were debt free and still are! Many years later, they were finally able to devote time to the full Financial Peace program to solidify the habits that had already brought them some relief.​

At that time, Matt’s wife enjoyed helping businesses build personalized marketing programs that were win/win for the business and the clients. Matt, however, was in an industry and job that were competing against his newly found passion – helping others with their money problems. He wants everyone to experience a debt-free transformation!

After several months of preparation and discussion as a couple, Matt decided to dive into his passion and become a certified Ramsey Financial Coach to help individuals and a QuickBooks Certified Pro to help small businesses with their money story – AKA balance sheets and profit and loss statements. The stage was set and Matt had the opportunity to step away from his old career and started The Bald Bookkeeper.

The Bald Bookkeeper truly wants others to grow and benefit from the concepts that Matt, his family, and countless others applied to their personal finances. For small businesses, we utilize the same foundational concepts in new ways to provide entrepreneurs with the ability to align their business finances to their ultimate goals. Let us share what we've learned and work with you to apply the same process, and we will help you avoid pitfalls in your debt-free journey!

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